About Me

Let me introduce myself. My name is Bethany, and I am currently in the process of reinventing my career; I made the leap from corporate America to education. Before returning to school, I wosnapchat-1085645824.jpgrked at a technology company in Minneapolis that acted as a translation service for vendors. I worked as a Quality Engineer, creating and running tests to determine the accuracy of the code. I could go into more detail about the use of EDI is corporate America, but I’m afraid you would all fall asleep. I found little passion in the work that I did, but enjoyed my colleagues. After the birth of my son I decided that any time spent away from him should  be put towards somethings I am passionate about, and so I returned to school. I’ll soon receive my initial teaching license and get to practice the theories I have been studying. In the meantime, I have spent the past 2 years substitute teaching and raising my son, C. I live in a quiet town with my husband, C, and our dog, Libby.

I received good grades as a student, but, like most people, I find myself uncomfortable with the idea of math. I sincerely believe that our current mathematical teaching methods instill fear in our students. Let’s reinvent how math is taught in the classroom and create a nation of math lovers!